Who Needs Brand Therapy?


Do you have a name for your business?

Do you feel clueless about creating a name for your business?

Do you have a domain in place?

Do you know what a domain is?

Do you know your target audience?

Do you have your social media handles in place?

Do you have an idea of the competitors in your market?

Do you know what your mission will be?

Do you have a niche?

Do you have to have the color purple in your logo because it reminds you of your Memaw?

Okay, the one is a trick question but will cover those sort of questions too!


If you said no to three or more call me! You need to know why a hiring someone to craft a timeless brand will serve you and your business for many years to come and I am happy to explain it.


What is Brand Therapy?


Brand Therapy is something I designed just for you.


It’s a telephone call or a visit to my studio where we sit down and I answer all the questions you might have that have built that wall in your mind that has made you stop moving forward with the dream of opening your own business or refreshing what you already have built. What is it that is holding you back? My goal is to mentor you through the creative process and most importantly to make you feel more confident in your existing business or the new business you plan to begin.

If you are starting your new business adventure there are a variety of things to worry about such as budgets, the name you have chosen, domain names, social media, research, who is your competition, how you will set yourself apart, is your story good enough, are you in the right niche in your field? It can immobilize a person and I know this because I have been there!

With ten years of experience owning my own small business, I can provide some great insight to your questions. There have been occasions where I knew something felt right and other times when something was missing. Once I consulted another colleague things became clearer. The light turned on again and I felt confident to move forward.  I want to be that light for you!


What does it cost?


$65 for the hour of consultation and nothing more.

If you choose to hire Typebird Creative to design your brand, this fee will automatically be credited to the brand design package of your choosing. If you decide you aren’t ready, then pay the consultation fee and walk away feeling more confident in what you know. My goal is to help entrepreneurs from day one. This program is designed just for that.