Another year of learning

Another year of Content Creation is on the books.

This is our third year of teaching at The College of Coastal Georgia and I can honestly say these students teach me as much as we teach them. This year we created a map of fake stores in downtown Brunswick and students first paired off in groups to discuss things like mission, rebrands, names, literally anything you can think of in regard to branding. Eventually, the students ventured out on their own and make executive decisions and made the businesses their own. They had part in the rebranding or continuing of the brand as is. The final end project was a full fledged website that the students presented.

What I learned this year. I love teaching. I think I already knew that, but I saw results this year in the students and myself. They keep us young, they ask questions that make us think and they are so opening to learning, even when it’s hard. To all of the students we have had up until this point, thank you! Each of you has made me a better a better educator and I am grateful.


Let’s go on a LARK and design a newspaper! This newspaper was an incredibly fun project to design because my friends at the LARK are so incredibly creative. Here is an excerpt from their website about what they do. 

“We create well styled communal dinner parties in Southern California for curious and adventurous people who love food, wine & design.

All larks are unique gatherings – as the elements are constantly changing and we can easily move toward whatever is inspiring us at the time: location, menu, fashion, vibe, etc…the possibilities are endless!”

Someday I hope to get to go on a LARK myself because I bet it is one of those meals you just remember. When you give your customers a core memory I think that is the biggest win of all!

Brunswick Gardens

This is a branding project that is near and dear to my heart! Keep Golden Isles Beautiful does so much for The Golden Isles. From keeping our community clean to creating new spaces to serve the people and serving them one by one. I have been on the board for a few years now and this is a project I wanted to do as a give back. Introducing, Brunswick Mobile Gardens! This project will be serving our local elderly population. They will potting different types of vegetables and fruits for the local interested gardeners to grow. Gardening is good for the soul but they won’t have to lift a finger this time. Three gallon buckets will be prefilled and delivered to communities here in our area. Good luck growing everyone!

6th Annual Art Supply Drive

Every year I collect art supplies around the holidays to donate to kids in our area with the hope that it will inspire creativity. This year I have decided to work with the local, nonprofit organization, Teen Empowering Network. Teen Empowering Network Inc. is a an organization that helps foster parents get the items they need for foster children coming into their care. Several fundraisers are held throughout the year to help achieve this goal. One of the events, Bingo & Spaghetti, the kids get a great a meal and a canvas to paint instead of a bingo card like the adults. It is fundraisers like these that keep nonprofit organizations going!

If you are interested in helping, here is a list of the items they would be so grateful to have donated.

·       Paint for canvases

·       Paint Brushes

·       Colored pencils

·       Colored paper

·       Art kits for kids ages 5 to 16 years old

·       Plain Canvas

Please feel free to drop off the donations by my office between the hours of 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., below is my address.

The Wick, 1612 Newcastle St., Suite #205

Brunswick, GA 31520

If I am not in the office you can always leave it by my door and I will grab it the next morning. However, if you come when I am there you can pick up a Peppermint Land sticker as a thank you from the tree. 

Liberty Brunswick

I had the chance to work with Forward Brunswick some time ago. When they came to me with this project I was excited about the concept. Their concept was “Planting 99 trees throughout the city to celebrate the people of Brunswick and the cultural impacts of the Liberty Shipyard. The number 99 recognizes the 85 Liberty Ships and 14 Knot Ships constructed during World War II at the J.A. Jones Shipyard.” As many of you know I do love my community so when I have the opportunity to do branding for clients who are doing wonderful things in our community it makes me really happy! Many of the trees have already been planted and I look forward to watching them grow.

Social Compass

I love creating icons. I think it might be my new favorite thing. When I was asked to help Social Compass with their window display I was really excited to get cracking. It’s always fun to see something so tiny turn into a giant pattern that you can now view from the street. I have worked with these guys on a few projects over the years and not only do they have great ideas but they are inspiring to work with. With a few revisions we came up icons that incorporate all they do as a company. Through graphic design, illustration and a vision I think we did a great job of making this a memorable front window. I hope you love this project as much as I did illustrating it.

McQuigg, Smith & Corry

Client: McQuigg, Smith & Corry

Type of Business: Law Office

Type of Brand: Rebrand

Style: Classic with an island flair.

McQuigg, Smith & Corry law offices was a fun brand to create. I gained a lot of inspiration from their newly decorated firm. It was designed with an island flair but that classic southern style. A monogram was a must and giving them something that they could use both on the marketing end of things and in their day to day office environment was important. McQuigg, Smith & Corry practice Real Estate Law, Business Law, and Estate Planning attorneys serving Southeast Georgia since 2003.

Cunningham Jewelers

Client: Cunningham Jewelers

Type of Business: Selling fine jewelry, wedding gifts, baby gifts, fine china, corporate gifts and awards.

Type of Brand: Rebrand

Style: Timeless with a modern touch.

Recently, I got to help a business in Downtown Brunswick rebrand. This business has been in operation for over 100 years. It was established in 1916 and still is a big part of our community today. Cunningham Jewelers sells anything you need to celebrate a memorable.

I was excited to start this project because I love helping small businesses, especially a business with such history! We took great care to incorporate what was back into what currently is now. Take a look to see how this lovely project turned out!