Brand Therapy is something I designed just for you.



This is where I answer all the questions you might have about starting your new brand or refreshing your current one.

If you have built that wall in your mind that has made you stop moving forward ask yourself what is it that is holding you back?

Hire me to answer your questions and be your sounding board, we will work through it I promise!



Who Needs Brand Therapy?


Do you feel clueless about creating a name for your business?

Do you have an idea of what your logo will look like?

Do you have a domain name in place?

Do you know your target audience will be?

Do you have your social media handles in place?

Do you have an idea of the competitors in your market?

Do you know what your mission will be?

Do you have a niche?


Contact me today to set up a time for your Brand Therapy Hour!