Another year of learning

Another year of Content Creation is on the books.

This is our third year of teaching at The College of Coastal Georgia and I can honestly say these students teach me as much as we teach them. This year we created a map of fake stores in downtown Brunswick and students first paired off in groups to discuss things like mission, rebrands, names, literally anything you can think of in regard to branding. Eventually, the students ventured out on their own and make executive decisions and made the businesses their own. They had part in the rebranding or continuing of the brand as is. The final end project was a full fledged website that the students presented.

What I learned this year. I love teaching. I think I already knew that, but I saw results this year in the students and myself. They keep us young, they ask questions that make us think and they are so opening to learning, even when it’s hard. To all of the students we have had up until this point, thank you! Each of you has made me a better a better educator and I am grateful.