Typebird Creative isĀ a small brand design house located on the coast of Brunswick, Georgia.

We specializeĀ in Brand Therapy, Brand Design, Branducation, Brand Storytelling, Graphic Design & Illustration.

We are very interested in working with small businesses who want to tell their story in a unique way while learning effective ways of keeping their branding consistent in their everyday marketing.

From social media to print it is essential to teach our clients about brand awareness in everything they do.


Tammy Fluech is the founder of Typebird Creative. Typebird Creative is a design studio that focuses on branding, graphic design, and illustration. We focus on working clients who are passionate about their small businesses. From mom and pop shops to international clients technology assists us in creating unique brands and design for anyone, anywhere. With over 17 years of experience in the design field and 10 years of owning my own business myself I always feel I bring a creative perspective to any project that is set in front of my clients and myself.


Paker Alexander owns Empire Sky which is a top rated drone company specializing in aerial photography and videography. They deliver professional aerial images and cinematic video content to businesses and events to market websites, social media, and other marketing platforms. We are FAA licensed and Insured.

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