Hello, my name is Tammy Fluech and I am the founder of Typebird Creative. I spent my whole life in Florida but moved to the Georgia Coast with my family seven years ago. I love being a part of the Brunswick community and the views of The Golden Isles aren’t bad either. I live here with my husband, my two children, three rescue dogs and three rescue cats.

My career started out in photography in a natural history museum. Eventually, my path switched and I began teaching myself graphic design. It has been over 16 years since I made that choice and I do not regret it for a second. Choosing this path let me change my focus and help folks that owned those mom and pop shops we all love. I work creatives who are sharing their gifts, and nonprofits who want to make their community better. These are my clients and I am grateful.

Design also allowed me to get brave and share my perfectly imperfect illustration side. It took quite awhile, but I am glad I did because developing my side project, Peppermint Land, was very important to me.

I also co-teach once a year at The College of Coastal Georgia with my friend John Waters. We instruct a content marketing class where the students work on their own small businesses or a ficticous one they create. I love teaching because it keeps me in touch with the next generation and I give them a perspective of the “real life” small business world.

Be sure to check out Peppermint Land!