Typebird Creative is Branding & Graphic Design for Small Businesses, Creatives, Solopreneurs, Mompreneurs, & Non-profits. I am very interested in working with people who are passionate about what they do.



My name is Tammy Fluech (Flick), and I was born and raised in the Sunshine State. I am a big fan of the old Florida I grew up in but also a huge fan of the historic town of Brunswick, Georgia where I now reside with my family. 

Almost nine years ago I had my first child and decided I wanted to work from home to be with my son. Afraid at first, but simply determined, I started Typebird Creative. Working from home amongst various stuffed animals, toys, and schedules has been challenging at times, but not once have I ever thought about going back to the daily nine to five. My business is still going strong close to nine years later and I currently have an office in The Wick on Newcastle Street. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and looking forward to what is to come. 

On a personal level, I am grateful for many things that led me here. I am thankful for having a father who taught me how to photograph nature and enjoy small town life. A mother who instilled in me how to write a thank you note and laugh at myself when needed. Last but not least, a stepmother who sparked the creative fire in me daily and made me practice my penmanship incessantly. I don’t think she had any idea how far it would go.


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