Brand Designer. Brand Storyteller. Brand Educator.

Graphic Designer. Illustrator.

Hello, my name is Tammy Fluech and I am the founder of Typebird Creative. Typebird Creative is a small design studio located on the Georgia Coast. Here is where I focus on helping small businesses, creatives and nonprofits. Branding is not just a logo, it’s a story and I want to help you tell it!


I create brands that genuinely reflect who you are. The first step is planning out what that looks like for you. From a working timeline to a useful mood board we explore all the way into creative where your brand is born. Once we are finished I educate you how the files work, printer resources and more. My goal is to help keep you on track so your day to day marketing can be successful. Consistency is key!

Brand Design

It’s not only about developing a consistent brand for your small business from the start, it’s about knowing what you need and understanding why!

Graphic Design

Graphic design is available for both digital and print purposes. Your branding tool kit can help but sometimes you need a little more help.


Every illustrator has a certain style. Be sure to check out the examples of my work to see if my whimsical approach suits you.

Meet My Clients

The Creatives. The Non-profits. The Small Business Owners.

Meet Otter

Typebird Creative is a dog friendly office. Chances are, Otter, the resident rescue dog, may be in the office “working” with me during the week if you pop by. He doesn’t do much besides nap these days, the life of a star can so be exhausting lol! Please know, if you are not an animal person, I understand that and I never allow him to come to first time meetings unless I ask the client before hand. On the flip side, if you expect to see Otter present at your meeting, just let me know. He has an endless supply of bow ties and is always ready to go!